Demonstration of the Art of Batik

                                         Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia,  DC

                                         Four Seasons Hotel - All Ten ASEAN Countries 

John Kerry,

Secretary of State

Four Seasons Hotel

Washington, DC

October 2, 2014

United States ASEAN Business Council (USABC)

30th Anniversary Gala Reception

See Remarks on Video of Keynote Speaker

The Republic of Indonesia

is one of the 10 Countries in the

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

ASEAN, Founded in 1967

Ambassador David Merrill (left)

USINDO President. We worked together

with Ambassador Dino Patty Djalal for the

2nd American Batik Design Competition.


(Right to Left): Zelda Kartika, 1st Secretary, Political Affairs; Joanne Gigliotti, Artist, here representing the Embassy in Batik;

Aggarini Sesotyongtyas , 3rd Secretary, Economics Affairs; Gabriella M.S. Hasnan, Executive Assistant, Economics Affairs.

(Below) with her Studio Assistant, Comic Book Artist, Joanna Rose Zoe Harrop.

(Left) Here with delightful local high school student visiting presenter from the Myanmar delegation.

Courtesy of Event Coordinator:

Kathi Lunardi, M.Ed. Special Assistant to the President

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